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PHP VERSION & CONFIG | TurnKey LAMP release notes

  1. The DHCP service provides:

    • centralized, automatic gateway and DNS configuration for all computers in this network (both cable and wireless)
    • fixed IPs for devices like desktop clients and printers (create a new host, add the devices's MAC address under 'ethernet address' and enter the desired IP. When placing fixed IP adresses within your dynamic range, make sure you're setting long lease times for these IPs so that once they're issued to the desired client, they won't be re-issued easily to an unknown client.)

    To setup wich gateway and DNS configuration computers should receive, go to "edit client settings" in the pre-configured subnet of the DHCP server. Or set the client settings for a specific group by modifying the group's settings.

    Warning: Please disable all other DHCP servers on the same network to avoid IP adress conflicts (e.g. on WLAN access points). As long as the access point and the DHCP server are within the same subnet, the server will take care the client configuration for the WLAN devices automatically.

    Notice: To ensure proper network operation when the server fails, we recommend setting up a backup server (also known as 'failover peer'). Click here for instructions how to setup ISC DHCP with a failover peer.

  2. The DNS service provides:

    • the intranet.local domain for this network
    • named machines like ntserver.intranet.local (try 'ping ntserver.intranet.local')
    • a DNS cache that'll improve response times on websites

    Add on your machine as your first DNS server to test this. To make this DNS server available to all clients, just add this server to the DHCP servers configured via the DHCP control panel.

  3. The complete server configuration, including users settings, cron jobs, backups, and the network settings of the server. To access all available settings, make sure you log on with root privileges.

  4. Use this to add a new subdomain like client.beta.zebra.de.

    Don't forget to restart apache after adding a new virtual host (click 'apply changes' in the apache settings).